good news...bad news

so i had my 30 week appointment yesterday and umm...somehow gained 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks! the glucose test results were not back yet so with such a weight gain, i really did think i had gestational diabetes!

however, today, i found out that i'm in the clear! i passed my test and don't have diabetes after all. so i guess really, the 7 pound increase was just me letting go a bit more than i should have. haahaa. i do honestly think that i'm going to have a little sumo wrestler. i mean, i was almost 9 lbs when i was born and s was almost 10 lbs!!

the 3rd trimester symptoms are starting to creep up on me! =( i'm starting to get tired more easily; i find myself falling asleep on the couch in the evenings when it's only 9pm. i don't feel too bloated, my wedding and engagement rings still fit. however, if it's warm outside and i've been walking, my feet do swell quite a bit but look fine in the morning again. thankfully, sleeping continues to be fine. i usually get up just once to go to the bathroom but fall back asleep quite quickly (unless s is snoring very loudly and then it becomes a major annoyance and keeps me up a bit longer).


unbelievable monday morning at work...

what happened to me today at work...my manager resigned over email on friday evening and didn't even give me 2 weeks notice!! let me start from the beginning...

about 3 months ago, he initiated a conversation with me that he wanted to work towards being a senior manager. then a month later, he decided he couldn't handle managing 3 people after all and he doesn't want to be in my group anymore...he wants to try a different group in our company. oh, AND he wants out as soon as possible - definitely before i go on maternity leave. however, there isn't anything available in our company that interests him and one of his employees quit because he wasn't a very supportive manager. so i guess being frustrated with the lack of progress in his job search and having to do more work since he's short a person, what does he decide to do??? JUST QUIT!

couldn't even tell me in person and give me 2 weeks notice.
what a coward huh? friday afternoon, he drafts an email to my work email and resigns. and of course, the 1 weekend i don't check my email, i come in monday morning completely shocked. to make matters worse, monday mornings are the craziest for us as we have all these reports to run. so i have to do all these additional reports that i've never had to run before...it was a crazy morning to say the least. anyway...i survived the morning and just kept cranking away with other things that i had to do. so i'm still in a state of shock and now have to figure out what i'm going to do with my team and the workload by tomorrow morning...it's aways fun times at my job.


i failed...

some disappointing news from the doctor...i failed my glucose screen! now, i have to take a 3 hour sugar test. i'm not looking forward to this as it means:

1) fasting for 12 hours before the test
2) blood will be taken before you drink the glucose solution
3) drinking more glucose solution
4) waiting an hour to draw a 2nd sample of blood
5) wait another hour for another sample
6) 4th sample of blood is taken in the 3rd hour
7) CAN'T eat anything during this time...so i'm starving for over 15 hours...

i was reading that only 1/3 of the women who test positive on the glucose screen actually have diabetes...so hopefully i'm part of the 2/3 that doesn't have it!


final trimester...here i am!

it's home stretch now..today is the 1st day of my final trimester! the last 2 months have definitely been a different experience than my 1st 4 months! i'm feeling great and my energy level feels quite normal. i do admit that some things are getting a bit harder ...

1) bending down - i definitely have to remember to use my knees

2) getting up - sometimes when i wake up, i forget i'm pregnant and i get up a bit too fast for my own good

3) getting in and out of s' truck - seriously, i hate driving / riding in his truck; he needs to get some running boards

4) my walking speed - i've definitely slowed down in my walking pace. i used to be a speed walker but ummm...not so much anymore

on a bright note, i had my monthly check up and guess what??! i only gained 1 pound!! woohoo. now, i am back to average!

on a slacker note, s and i still need to sign up for our classes. with classes only offered once a month, we are definitely behind the eight-ball on this one!