final trimester...here i am!

it's home stretch now..today is the 1st day of my final trimester! the last 2 months have definitely been a different experience than my 1st 4 months! i'm feeling great and my energy level feels quite normal. i do admit that some things are getting a bit harder ...

1) bending down - i definitely have to remember to use my knees

2) getting up - sometimes when i wake up, i forget i'm pregnant and i get up a bit too fast for my own good

3) getting in and out of s' truck - seriously, i hate driving / riding in his truck; he needs to get some running boards

4) my walking speed - i've definitely slowed down in my walking pace. i used to be a speed walker but ummm...not so much anymore

on a bright note, i had my monthly check up and guess what??! i only gained 1 pound!! woohoo. now, i am back to average!

on a slacker note, s and i still need to sign up for our classes. with classes only offered once a month, we are definitely behind the eight-ball on this one!

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joyce said...

omg, i can't believe you're in the final stretch!!!

um, how do you forget you're pregnant when you're getting out of bed?! i have to roll out of bed these days! lol...

just wait til you start waddling...then you're REALLY walking much slower.