fruit vs cake

unbelievable...we gave aj the option of a piece of chocolate cupcake or peach. he had a slice of peach in his hand and i gave him a small bite of cake. after he swallowed his bite of cake, he didn't even look at the cupcake again! he continued on with the peach in his hand. when he was finished, he wanted more fruit. is this my child?? i guess it's actually really good that he doesn't have a sweet tooth and doesn't really appreciate dessert like his mommy! =) let's see how long this will last.


aj's personality...

i just wanted to jot down some things that aj says / does that i just think is soo *cute*

- my mom taught aj to say "paw - paw" which is grandma in cantonese. however, he still can't really say "goong - goong" (grandpa) so instead it comes out as "doo - doo" (which means a private part in cantonese hahaa)

- we always read aj a couple of books before bedtime; it's usually good night moon, good night new york city or good night san francisco. i love it when he holds the book up and starts talking like he's reading the book!

- he definitely does not have a problem when i leave him for work. in fact, every morning when i drop him off at my mom's he says "bye bye" and closes the door behind me. so much for missing mommy. =(

- lately, when we ask him to kiss someone, he totally puckers his lips and closes his eyes!

- he loves playing w/ balls. soccer, beach, baseball ... you name it, he loves throwing, kicking or palming the balls.

- he loves his cousins. he totally smothers my 8 month old nephew...he hugs and kisses him all the time. sometimes, he will even try to pick him up! w/ my 3 yr old nephew, aj copies everything that he does! if one is playing w/ a ball, the other one will want one as well. if one is drinking water at the dinner table, the other will want water as well.

- when we are outside, aj will point to his head - indicating that he wants to wear his cap. =) i think he realizes that it helps him block the sun and can see things better.

- when we put on his jacket, he always wants to zip it up. when we get home, he unzips his jacket, takes it off and puts it on the couch. he's also really great about taking off his shoes once he's inside.

petting zoo

we met up w/ s' siblings in the east bay at tilden park. they have this great free petting zoo...you just have to bring your own celery and lettuce. since aj loves looking at animals in books and puzzles, we thought he would really have fun feeding the animals. first, he was very excited to see all the animals. he loved looking at the pigs and was happy to feed the goats. however, once we got to the cows, i think seeing how big they are and the noises they made scared him. he didn't want to feed them anymore but we finally put him at ease and he was at least comfortable enough to pet them.

after the petting zoo, we went to the play area where he got to have some fun in the play structure. we then sat on the grass and had a nice picnic lunch. it was a beautiful day and we had a great time hanging out w s' family.

he loves to lean his whole body back so we always have someone go down the slide w/ him. i guess i'm paranoid; i just don't want him to hurt his head.

he likes to clap when he proud of something he's done =)

feeding the goat

looking at the pig


mass exodus...

in the retail industry, i work in a function that has one of the highest turns in a company. there are a couple of reasons:

1 - most people we hire are usually 1-2 years out of college. since the work we do is specific to the retail industry, people don't truly understand our roles in the company and i think are fairly disappointed when they join our group.
2 - we stare at excel spreadsheets all day, crunch numbers and deal w/ the pressures of having to hit our financial numbers. it is definitely not a glamorous job.
3 - competition. this is more of a recent issue. 2 big retailers have moved into the bay area and they are aggressively hiring. i currently have 2 open positions and have no luck filling them.

so, here i am at work on a gorgeous saturday afternoon. w/ 2 open positions and a new person to train, who seriously has time to do their day job? i only have time to write this entry because i'm waiting for my slow computer to print and save my files.