happy chinese new year...

happy chinese new year! i can't believe another year has past so quickly! =) what makes this new year so special is that i'm going to be an AUNT! my dear sister is pregnant!! she is due early august ... and she is such a cute little pregnant person! my parents are ecstatic because this will be their first granchild. of course this leads everyone to ask when it will be my turn but umm ... that won't be for several more years. there are still so many things that s and i want to do before we add another addition to our family.

the bathroom remodel...s took a couple of weeks off to take a break from work. he decided to remodel the bathroom on his own - with no experience. well, 3 weeks later, he's more than half way there! so much for his goal of 2 weeks. he's just like any contractor...never on time. however, i respect and love how devoted he is to this project and doing endless research to make sure he does everything correctly. hopefully, at the end of this week, i can post some pictures!