bye bye birdie...

i usually carpool home w/ the hubby. we like to pick up aj (and my nephew) together. sometimes if i need to wrap up some emails, i'll have s drive while i work through the emails on my phone. after we pick up our son and nephew, s gets on the freeway.

after maybe 1/2 a mile, i hear s say, "shoot".
i was looking down at my phone and had no idea what happened but did hear a "thump".
i said, "what did you do?"
s says, "i hit a bird. it was already injured; laying down. i couldn't swerve since there were cars on both sides."

we didn't think much of it until five minutes later we heard another "thump". when we got home, this is what had happened.

the bird completely knocked out my grill and broke my fog light! oh, the black scraps were from an accident several years ago...oops. luckily s has already replaced the grill and fixed the bulb.


kids say the darnest things...

aj has definitely been more vocal and some of the things he says...s and i have no idea where it comes from!

1 - it started to rain and of course, drivers feel the need to slow down or brake. so as the cars in front of me brakes, i had to brake abruptly. aj says, "be careful mommy"

2 - i needed to speed up to pass a truck to get on the on-ramp. as i'm accelerating aj says, "slow down mommy."

3 - my son likes to play w/ my lip balm; he just finished putting some on his lips.

aj: "you want some daddy?"

s: "no thanks."

aj: "try it!"

of course s has to right? we always encourage aj to try different things.

4 - we created this bad habit of having someone sleep w/ aj at night. s was kissing me good night; aj says, "kiss me daddy!"

5 - aj loves to ask "what are you doing?"
aj: "what are you doing daddy"

s: "picking my nose" (because he really was at that moment)

aj: "oh, i pick my nose," and then takes his finger and shoves it up his nose. turns to me, "mommy, pick your nose."