this is a historical day - i actually brought my lunch to work! i think this might be perhaps the 2nd time in my 4 years at Gymboree that i brought my lunch. there's a couple of reason that i don't bring my lunch:
1 - my husband is a human garbage disposal. there really isn't a lot of food leftover after dinner.
2 - we rarely cook. we normally have take out and we don't order that much more to have leftovers
3 - i don't like leftovers
4 - i'm not planful enough to actually buy lunch food at the grocery store and prepare the night before
5 - heck, we barely make it to the grocery store every week
however, last weekend, we went to my favorite korean market and got a bunch of marinated meat. this was some delicious boneless ribs w/ chard and rice. yummie!


s' handywork...

s had a couple of weeks off and decided to take on a few house projects. one that i was very excited about was updating our fireplace! what s did:
- stripped off the white paint on the brick and put in some neutral glass tiles
- removed all the white ceramic tiles and replaced w/ grey stone tiles
- took away all the detailed molding / we wanted something w/ clean lines and felt more appropriate w/ the tiles




c house of prime rib

every year during football season, there are always side bets w/ some of our friends. this year, my sister and her husband lost and they had to make us dinner! they were kind enough to make us some delicous prime rib and the famous house of prime rib salad. =)