this is a historical day - i actually brought my lunch to work! i think this might be perhaps the 2nd time in my 4 years at Gymboree that i brought my lunch. there's a couple of reason that i don't bring my lunch:
1 - my husband is a human garbage disposal. there really isn't a lot of food leftover after dinner.
2 - we rarely cook. we normally have take out and we don't order that much more to have leftovers
3 - i don't like leftovers
4 - i'm not planful enough to actually buy lunch food at the grocery store and prepare the night before
5 - heck, we barely make it to the grocery store every week
however, last weekend, we went to my favorite korean market and got a bunch of marinated meat. this was some delicious boneless ribs w/ chard and rice. yummie!

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alice said...

wow 2nd time in 4 years?!?! I always bring my lunch. I hate trying to decide what to buy for lunch when I don't bring.