end of march already...

i can't believe tomorrow is the last of march?! seriously, where does the time go? i've been keeping myself busy with march madness these last 2 weeks. my work bracket is pretty pathetic as i'm in last place but that's not the important one. the crucial one is one that my brother in law puts together - there's about 40 people and the pot is almost $1000! plus, there is a couple's side bet where the loser has to host dinner for the other 2 couples. i'm still in the middle of the pack but i have to carry my hubby's bad bracket!! go memphis tigers!!!

s is in china for 2 weeks so i've been staying with my parents. i feel like i'm 16 years old again. however, it's nice to only have a 10 minute commute, dinner ready when i get home and no house chores! s calls my parents enablers but i just call them caring parents hahaa.


southern hospitality...

is really true. i've never been addressed "hon", "sweetie" or "miss" as many times as when i was in memphis. the funniest is when they call me "miss sue".

other than the frustrating flight getting to memphis, it was nice to take a couple of days off work and spend it with my family. so since we got in a day later than planned, we really only had 2 full days in memphis, monday and tuesday.

so on monday, we spent some time in downtown. we went to see the fed ex forum. it was all star weekend so we didn't get a chance to watch a grizzlies game. we walked around beale street and spent some time at the national civil rights museum.

it's pretty incredible that they built the museum around the actual motel that martin luther king jr was actually assasinated in.

i feel like whenever you see shots of memphis, they always have this sign

baby j and my sister with me in front of fed ex forum

on tuesday, we planned a trip to graceland. umm...who knew they closed on tuesdays for cleaning!! we were still able to walk around the mansion and through the garden.

we actually spent a day in tunica, mississippi doing what my family loves the most --- gambling!! it was nice that my parents got to do something during this trip that was fun for them hahaa. although i told hubby that being with my family just brings out the worse in me. i know it's sad and love my parents but they can so easily push my buttons!! they of course, don't realize it or intend to, but spending 24/7 with my parents for 5 days was just a bit too much for me. =)



i hate being sick. i don't know how i caught this cold. it just came out of nowhere monday night and i've been out sick for the last 2 days. not good at all since i'm suppose to be presenting something at work tomorrow!! yikes...
my head is totally congested and i have absolutely no appetite.

wow...i can't believe it's already march! s' birthday is next weekend and march madness is almost here! woohoo!