end of march already...

i can't believe tomorrow is the last of march?! seriously, where does the time go? i've been keeping myself busy with march madness these last 2 weeks. my work bracket is pretty pathetic as i'm in last place but that's not the important one. the crucial one is one that my brother in law puts together - there's about 40 people and the pot is almost $1000! plus, there is a couple's side bet where the loser has to host dinner for the other 2 couples. i'm still in the middle of the pack but i have to carry my hubby's bad bracket!! go memphis tigers!!!

s is in china for 2 weeks so i've been staying with my parents. i feel like i'm 16 years old again. however, it's nice to only have a 10 minute commute, dinner ready when i get home and no house chores! s calls my parents enablers but i just call them caring parents hahaa.

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