reading. reading. reading.

now that i take bart to work - i spend 2 hours a day reading books! i have read more books in the last 3 months that the last 3 years, i swear! i am running out of books to read (i know that's really not even close to being true)...does anyone have any good recommendations? these are the books that i've read in the last couple of months:

the nanny diaries (mclaughlin/kraus) - my current bart book. my friend gave this to me a couple of years ago and i tried to read it but lost interest within the first chapter! now that the movie is coming out, i thought i'd give it another try.

time traveler's wife (niffenegger) - a great love story. maybe i was slow or tired but it took me a while to grasp the time traveling concept and understand how the past, present and future intertwined in this novel.

something blue (griffin) - i picked this up after i finished something borrowed. this book continues the story of one of the main characters from something borrowed. a quick chick lit read.

something borrowed (griffin) - looked like a good easy chick lit. i got instantly hooked and finished the book in one weekend! cute storyline.

middlesex (eugenides) - great book! the timing was perfect since greece was the backdrop and some of the references were familiar since i was just there. i never thought i would be so captivated with an hermaphrodite!

the devil wears prada (weisberger) - i just wanted to get something whimsical and light to read. since i work in retail, i thought i might be able to relate to some of the 'fashion' stories. also, i saw previews of the movie and wanted to read the book first. i really liked the book and even though the movie was slightly different, i really enjoyed the movie as well.

eat, shoots and leaves (truss) - i read great reviews about this book and thought i'd give non fiction a try. i really really can not get into non fiction. i fell asleep almost every day trying to read this book.

shopgirl (martin) - i bought this book because it was only $3 at the book store! after i bought it, i actually think j lent this to me a couple of years ago. shopgirl is a novella so there really isn't anything to complain about.

power of one (courtenay) - this was a book selection from my book club that i actually never read, oops. it's an inspirational story of a young boy succeeding despite great hardships growing up in south africa.

book of dead (preston/child) - on many best seller lists. it was a good mystery novel but there were way too many characters to remember. in the first few chapters, the authors must have introduced at least 20 different people! technically part of a trilogy, but i read just this one and have no interest in reading the other 2 books.

kite runner (hosseini) - seriously, my FAVORITE book. maybe it's because the characters live in the bay area or the familiarity of assimilating in america. i empathized with the characters and learned so much about afghanistan as well.

freakonomics (levitt/dubner) - interesting concept and theories. seriously, i really tried non fiction again. i read 2 chapters...and that was about it.

if anyone wants to borrow any of these books...just let me know and i will mail it your way!


another one bites the dust...

one of my planners resigned last week - he's going back to school. i guess the long hours at work will begin again. anyone know anybody interested in merchandise planning position???? PLEASE? just when i feel like i can make some progress in driving change, i have to get down into the nitty gritty again. oh well...