baby registry rookie

my sister suggested that i should set up my registry soon. since my sister was getting off work early on friday and she only works five minutes away from lullaby lane, i got off work early as well so we can set up the baby registry. it's only logical that my sister go with me because there's no point in registering for things that she's going to pass down to us. also, hubby is not partial to anything so he didn't really care to weigh in on any purchasing decisions. it turns out that my sister is going to give us quite a bit so i didn't have to register for too much. however, the selection at lullaby lane isn't as expansive as babies r us, so we'll still have to set up a registry there as well. i don't know how most first time parents set up their registry - there are so many options! i guess one can do research but with my sister, why would i need to!

not only did we set up one registry but we also found our crib! turns out that the warehouse has the color we want in stock so we can pick it up any day! perfect - no need to wait 12-15 weeks! however, we won't be picking it up any day soon since we still have several rooms in remodeling mode. registering was exhausting so i'm going to wait a couple of weeks before I tackle babies r us!


Jeanne said...

My cousins took us on a guided tour of Babies R Us because another couple had done it for them and they said it was one of the most helpful things to do for soon to be parents, so they really wanted to pay it forward. It totally helped us! (I go there and it’s still dizzying =P) We still went to Babies R Us multiple times before and after Max was born though because you learn that some things are true necessities and some things you don’t need at all, just don’t work well, or you don’t like. The multiple trips seem like a rite of passage. Let us know if you’d like a shopping tour =).

joyce said...

i was one that did all my research before stepping foot in the store. it helped a lot knowing exactly what i wanted, way less overwhelming. i just kept getting distracted by all the cute clothes!!!

Leola said...

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