i failed...

some disappointing news from the doctor...i failed my glucose screen! now, i have to take a 3 hour sugar test. i'm not looking forward to this as it means:

1) fasting for 12 hours before the test
2) blood will be taken before you drink the glucose solution
3) drinking more glucose solution
4) waiting an hour to draw a 2nd sample of blood
5) wait another hour for another sample
6) 4th sample of blood is taken in the 3rd hour
7) CAN'T eat anything during this time...so i'm starving for over 15 hours...

i was reading that only 1/3 of the women who test positive on the glucose screen actually have diabetes...so hopefully i'm part of the 2/3 that doesn't have it!


joyce said...

oh no...that test sounds horrible, especially the fasting for 15 hours!!! i think i would pass out! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Jeanne said...

Ditto! Maybe you'll start to like the glucose solution?

alice said...

oh no... 15 hours? I can't even survive that. The test doesn't sound fun at all. hope you get good news!