unbelievable monday morning at work...

what happened to me today at work...my manager resigned over email on friday evening and didn't even give me 2 weeks notice!! let me start from the beginning...

about 3 months ago, he initiated a conversation with me that he wanted to work towards being a senior manager. then a month later, he decided he couldn't handle managing 3 people after all and he doesn't want to be in my group anymore...he wants to try a different group in our company. oh, AND he wants out as soon as possible - definitely before i go on maternity leave. however, there isn't anything available in our company that interests him and one of his employees quit because he wasn't a very supportive manager. so i guess being frustrated with the lack of progress in his job search and having to do more work since he's short a person, what does he decide to do??? JUST QUIT!

couldn't even tell me in person and give me 2 weeks notice.
what a coward huh? friday afternoon, he drafts an email to my work email and resigns. and of course, the 1 weekend i don't check my email, i come in monday morning completely shocked. to make matters worse, monday mornings are the craziest for us as we have all these reports to run. so i have to do all these additional reports that i've never had to run before...it was a crazy morning to say the least. anyway...i survived the morning and just kept cranking away with other things that i had to do. so i'm still in a state of shock and now have to figure out what i'm going to do with my team and the workload by tomorrow morning...it's aways fun times at my job.

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