good news...bad news

so i had my 30 week appointment yesterday and umm...somehow gained 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks! the glucose test results were not back yet so with such a weight gain, i really did think i had gestational diabetes!

however, today, i found out that i'm in the clear! i passed my test and don't have diabetes after all. so i guess really, the 7 pound increase was just me letting go a bit more than i should have. haahaa. i do honestly think that i'm going to have a little sumo wrestler. i mean, i was almost 9 lbs when i was born and s was almost 10 lbs!!

the 3rd trimester symptoms are starting to creep up on me! =( i'm starting to get tired more easily; i find myself falling asleep on the couch in the evenings when it's only 9pm. i don't feel too bloated, my wedding and engagement rings still fit. however, if it's warm outside and i've been walking, my feet do swell quite a bit but look fine in the morning again. thankfully, sleeping continues to be fine. i usually get up just once to go to the bathroom but fall back asleep quite quickly (unless s is snoring very loudly and then it becomes a major annoyance and keeps me up a bit longer).

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joyce said...

yea! glad to hear you don't have GD (it sounds horrible, no sugars/carbs??? i would die)! i'm afraid to see how much weight i've gained these past 2 weeks...ugh, i hate getting weighed.