35 weeks ... 5 weeks to go!

wow, i can't believe i only have 5 weeks left. well, actually i kind of can! i was feeling really good up until probably the start of the 8th month. that's when i really started to feel the "weight" of this pregnancy:

1) my feet and ankles are REALLY swollen. it's quite disgusting. my calves are just so big! on some days, i really feel the extra water weight on my calves / ankles. it hurts quite a bit to stand or walk and oddly, my right foot is much more swollen than my left foot. i thought i was fine in my wrist and hands until i realized that my watch was starting to get a bit snug on my wrist! oh my...

2) shortness of breath! when i'm presenting in meetings, i'm SO embarassed that i'm already out of breath after speaking for like a minute or two

3) exhaustion. s has to drive me home in the evenings after work because i need to nap in the car. even with 8 hours of sleep, i still get sleepy around 6:30pm

4) bathroom breaks. my expanding uterus is causing me to make more bathroom visits. the only good thing is that when i take up in the middle of the night (which is twice), i can easily go back to sleep

i guess these things are very typical of the final weeks of pregnancy so i'm lucky i don't have more issues. i have a doctor's appointment this saturday so we'll see if there are any updates to my due date!

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