i had a pretty unlucky car experience this past week. when i went to get my car out of the work garage, i noticed i had a flat tire. luckily the car attendant and building maintenance changed my tire in like 5 minutes! this is the 2nd flat tire for me. luckily both times, it was a slow leak and it wasn't while i was driving on the road. that same day, the engine malfunction light came on in my car. this is the 2nd time the light has gone off. s took it to our mechanic and got it fixed on monday. i'm still driving w/ the full spare but have to get it replaced this weekend!

my poor car...last month, i got into a fender bender when someone rear ended me. it caused a couple of scratches on the back bumper. bo currently has 108k miles and has to hold up for a couple more years!! s won't let me get a new car until his truck is completely paid off. i don't know why it matters since we pay out of our separate accounts anyway. something about being fiscally responsible?!?!

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joyce said...

just be glad they're small things, and not major things that need fixing!! :) and i agree with steve, you don't want 2 car payments!! i can't wait til our car is paid off...will feel so liberating!