long overdue update...

while i'm stuck at home sick, i might as well update the blog since i've been such a slacker. =)

i can't believe my little man is turning 1 yr old in a couple of weeks. the time has flown by so fast. since the last post, he's grown so much!

teeth: after his 1st 2 bottom teeth came in when he was 6 months old, there was no progress until he was 10 months old. at 10 months, his front 4 teeth came in all at the same time! poor kiddo. just this week, another bottom tooth cut through. so now he has 7 teeth!

standing: i can proudly say that a started standing on his own a week ago or so. at first, he was distracted by playing w/ something w/ both hands and didn't realize he was standing on his lone. however, last week, he was aware of what he was doing and was clapping and so proud of himself!!

walking: my mom claims that he made his 1st step this past week. he made one step twice! i have yet to see this milestone so until i've witnessed it...it's not true haahaa.

a is an expert at clapping. he's so proud of himself when he's clapping! he's also gotten really good at waving hi and goodbye and giving kisses!

i've been sick this week and a has been staying w/ my parents so i don't infect him. so maybe he's made even more progress! =)

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joyce said...

hey, is that a GAP shirt he's wearing?!?! :P

R was the same with his teeth, the first 2 took forever and then all of a sudden he's cutting his 8th tooth!!

and don't be surprised if one day soon you look up and he's walking toward you!!! sooo exciting!!!