growing up fast...

this month has 2 growth milestones...aj turned 9 months and my nephew had his 2nd birthday!!

as aj reached the 9 month mark, it's just so fascinating to see how he's developing! he started crawling a couple of weeks ago and is making his way around the house. he's still not crawling the right way, he's definitely a fan of the army crawl. he does transition really well from crawling to sitting up. however, he still gets a bit over excited and sometimes while sitting, will fall back and hit his head on the floor. =( oops.

s actually taught him how to grab puffs and feed himself. at first, you had to be really precise and put the puff between his thumb and index finger. now, he's great at picking up food off the table and putting it in his mouth. next...i'm trying to transition him to a sippy cup.

as he's really starting to master pulling himself up, we had to lower the crib mattress as he definitely loves to lean against the crib.

so with these new developments, getting him to sleep has definitely been a huge struggle. i knew it was going to catch up to us at some point! every night for the last week, we have struggled to get him to sleep. he just keeps standing up in his crib and staring at us or at the door for us. and his bedtime has been getting later. he used to be asleep by 7:30pm but now it fluctuates between 8:30-9pm. yep, that's right, he's been crying in his crib for almost an hour!! i wouldn't mind the later bedtime if he actually got up later but he still wakes up at 6am!! my poor baby needs his sleep!!

he's physical development is consistent with his last checkup so we are happy about that!
head circumference: 17 3/4 inches 50% percentile
height: 29 inches 75% percentile
weight: 20 lbs 4 oz 50% percentile

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joyce said...

omg, i can't believe your nephew is 2!!

and yay for AJ! isn't it amazing, around this time, how fast they just start learning everything?? and don't worry about the sleep, same thing happened with R when he started pulling himself up. and after he started crawling, it was impossible to get him to sleep, even when it was obvious that he was super tired! eventually the newness of it wears off and he'll be a good little sleeper again!! hang in there!!

and i think AJ's hair is super cute! :)