i had my 16 week appointment and things are fine - except that i gained 6 pounds! don't know how that happened when i'm still pretty nauseas. i guess i better get a bit more active.

so next month s and i have our ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of the baby. originally, i didn't want to find out the sex while s wants to so he can "plan" for it. however, i'm slowly changing my mind since everyone keeps asking and it's getting me more anxious! we have our theories as to why it's a girl or boy heehee.

why it's a girl:
1 - women with severe nausea are 50% more likely to have a girl
2 - my doctor told us that an old wives' myth is that a fast heart rate is a girl - our was 170 bpm at 12 weeks and 164 bpm at 16 weeks (normal is 140 - 160 bpm)

why it's a boy:
1 - the lau men family lineage is very male dominated. in his dad's generation, he is 1 of 6 siblings and there is only 1 girl. in s' generation, there are 8 cousins and his sister is the only girl
2 - it's still a bit early but i think i'm carrying low - which myth claims is a boy
3 - because the trusty chinese calendar says so ... hahaa


joyce said...

well if the chinese calendar says so, then you must be having a boy! we were the same way...i really didn't care to know (kinda liked the element of surprise you know?) but W wanted to know so we/he could plan. :) funny how that works out, cuz i'm the planner in the family!! i can't wait for you to find out! glad you're 16 wk appt went well! hope the nausea goes away very soon.

thuzar said...

omg sue... CONGRATULATIONS! i just randomly decided to check ur blog today and glad that i did. hope you're starting to feel better now. i agree with joyce that we need a photo entry soon! take care...

Anonymous said...

no no no... You gotta look at the tummy mummy. If your tummy is growing more forward, its a boy. If your tummy is growing more wide, its a girl. Im 100% on this theory. trust meeeeeeee..