17 weeks and counting...

i've been feeling a little better. however, i did throw up earlier this week so i still get an occasional case of morning sickness and nausea. i'm sleeping okay. i wake up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but fall back asleep right away. no issues with any back pain or sleeplessness YET. no cravings yet either. if anything, there are things that i don't want more than want. chocolate is definitely something i don't really care for.

regardless of whether we have a boy or girl, i've already decided our nursery theme! i've never wanted a pink nursery so if we have a girl, there is no way we are having a 'girlie' pink room. as much as i would love to have a sports theme if we have a boy, i don't think it's the most practical thing especially if we have another child down the road and it's the opposite sex.
gap recently launched a nursery assortment. it's in select stores but everything is available online. i love love the baby safari bedding collection. steve likes it too. =)

well, only a week and a half until we find out whether it's a he or she!


joyce said...

i can't wait to find out what you're having!!! :)

that's so funny, we're going with a jungle/safari theme too (but not the baby gap one)! i was actually shocked when hubby picked it out (what?! no cars?! hahaha!).

lorie recommended a great book that has helped us a LOT trying to register and get stuff for the nursery, Baby Bargains (make sure you get version 7.1). baby gap bedding got an A-. :)

slam said...

funny - my sister has a jungle theme for my nephew as well.

thanks for the tip - i'll have to order the book this weekend. that will definitely help b/c i told think s is looking forward to all the options for baby stuff...

Jeanne said...

As I offered to Joyce, I can give you a guided tour of Babies R Us if you'd like =)

Glad to hear that you're feeling a little better!