happy mother's day!

s and i went to antioch yesterday to see his parents for mother's day and tonight my siblings and i took my parents to san mateo prime. former chefs at the house of prime rib first opened broadway prime in burlingame and just recently opened san mateo prime in downtown san mateo. the menu is almost identical to the house of prime rib but there are more side options in the 2 peninsula restaurants. as my pseudo-first mother's day, my wonderful nephew "got" me a mother's day card. it was very adorable...

this was actually a nice end to a weekend that started off pretty miserably. on friday, as i was driving home, i threw up in the car AS am driving down s101 in the far left lane!! can you imagine, here i am trying to get to the far right to get off the freeway, still driving 65 mph and barfing into a plastic bag on my lap. even though i had a plastic bag, when you are trying to look straight to drive, it's pretty difficult to vomit downward. so it actually projected straight out and hit my steering wheel and my thighs. it was just the most disgusting thing ever. i had to then stay in the car smelling everything for the next 1o minutes until i finally got home. SO gross.

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joyce said...

happy mother's day to you! i don't know if i really count this to be our first mother's day, since i still consider myself a mom-to-be, not quite a mom. :) but everyone else seems to be wishing me a happy mother's day, so whatever.

are you still getting sick? :( that's horrible that you got sick in the car while you were driving! how scary! i'm glad you made it safely home. let's hope that doesn't happen again. glad your weekend still turned out nice. :)