lions, tigers, bears...oh my!

i took friday off and s and i decided to take aj to the zoo. the weather forecast called for rain but luckily there wasn't any! s took him to the zoo a couple of months ago but now that he's a bit older, he definitely appreciates seeing the animals more. one new experience that didn't go over so well was his ride on the carousel. first, he wouldn't even get on the horse. he finally agreed when i sat down first. we picked a horse that moved up and down and he was not a happy camper. after a couple of rotations, he started yelling, so we sat him on the bench instead. oops. i certainly hope he isn't like mommy and doesn't like roller coasters either! but i do have to admit, that carousel was going fast!! aj really enjoyed the zoo and after 3 hours there, he was knocked out on the drive home!

we had to take him off the horse and seat him on the bench

aj was NOT a fan of the carousel

seriously, once s walked toward the feeding machine, all the sheep crowded around him

aj enjoying the farm

s feeding the goats...

it took a couple of minutes for aj to warm up to the goats


alice said...

I love the many facial expressions AJ has. It's ok I don't like roller coasters either.

Looks like you guys had a great time! I've actually never been to the SF zoo ever! One day...

joyce said...

i agree, he's got such great facial expressions!!! and i think S looks more afraid of the carousel, haha!!