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i never realized how important and valuable health benefits are until recently (which also seems very appropriate w/ the health care bill that's been such a hot topic)! s' company completely covered our health care 100% - we had no deductions out of his paycheck. it was great; we only had to pay for the copays for my entire pregnancy, delivery and the 1st year of aaron's appointments. we definitely saved thousands of dollars in health bills. however, w/ s' recent company issues (that involves another blog entry), we had to switch back to my company's coverage. we had family coverage with blue shield hmo and that same coverage under my work would be almost $300 a pay period!! health benefits were never a big deal when i was younger and s and i had our individual coverages w/ our companies. however, w/ a family and having so many more appointments and expenses, i never appreciated how much a company covers their employee's health coverage. ummm...as my boss says, "i guess no more new sweaters for you!"


joyce said...

my first job covered 100%, then times got tough and they started making us pay (it was only like $20/month for me) and i thought that was outrageous! i had no clue that was the norm. :( that's good tho that you were so well covered under S while you were pregnant with AJ. my insurance was actually really good, but W's insurance is waaaay better, so this baby will be MUCH cheaper to deliver.

ray ban wayfarer said...

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