biggest loser...

to encourage "wellness" and a healthier lifestyle, my work has been great about setting up a mini gym in our building, ping pong tables in the cafe and hiring yoga instructors to teach classes in our office. we've had wellness fairs w/ external companies to offer home deliveries of organic foods / vegetables, gym discounts and other such things. so the latest activity is our own biggest loser competition. we have 8 weeks and the winner who has the largest percentage weight loss wins 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in us or mexico and 2 free nights in a hotel!!
my entire planning team along w/ several other colleagues on our floor decided to have a side competition as well. none of us are really that large to win the entire competition so we wanted to give ourselves another incentive to participate. we each put in $20 and the biggest loser after the 8 weeks wins the entire pot (which is currently valued at $220). if you actually end up gaining weight after the 8 weeks, you will have to double your entry fee hahaa.
so i'm a pretty competitive person but really, who has time to work out? i'm making better decisions about what i eat and picking healthier alternatives. i do try to take walks during lunch and walks w/ aj in the evenings. i'm definitely a little less lazy about running errands or taking the stairs at work. also, since aj loves going out now and walking around, it's helped me to be a bit more active as well.
so it's been 3 weeks and i've lost 4.6 pounds! i weigh less now than pre pregnancy! woohoo. let's see how long i can keep this up for; temptation is quickly approaching. it is superbowl sunday this weekend and then chinese new year the week after!


alice said...

wow that is awesome!! great job!

joyce said...

okay, you don't have any weight to lose, where are these 4.6 lbs coming off of?!