aj's new ride...

s and i couldn't take it anymore...we had to buy a new stroller. it's such a joke how much we spent on our original stroller...which i do love by the way.

some background....so even before i got pregnant, i always knew i wanted a bugaboo stroller. yes, i know, it's not exactly practically priced but s couldn't say no to me since i was pregnant and paying for the stroller myself (key words to our successful marriage *separate accounts*)! i was actually debating between the bugaboo or the orbitz. however, w/ the infant car seat that my sister was letting us use, the orbitz just didn't make sense. we have a couple of friends w/ the bugaboo and they really enjoyed the stroller so we just went for it.
we've loved our cameleon. it rides so smooth and the maneuverability is awesome! the bugaboo is also very sturdy. i've thrown it all over the place and it is awesome. that is probably why it's not exactly the lightest stroller. one of the biggest reasons we love the stroller is because when it's upright, you can actually use it if you are at a restaurant and they don't have a high chair. it's extremely useful when you are sitting outside!

the only complaint about the stroller is the weight and the fact that it's in 2 parts and takes up a lot of space. since we switch back and forth quite a bit between my car and s' truck, it was just becoming a hassle to lug the 2 pieces between vehicles. also, we have a couple of trips planned and we wanted a new stroller that is lighter and easier to travel with.
so the new winner is...the baby jogger city mini! diapers.com is awesome...no tax, free shipping and i found a coupon for 10% off woohoo. we'll have to see if aj likes his new ride...

our 1st love...the bugaboo cameleon (we have the khaki cover...not red)

our new city mini!


alice said...

I can't believe strollers cost so much. I think when I was growing up, we had those cheap plastic Chinatown strollers. haha

both strollers are so cute! I like the city mini's three wheels. does that mean you can go running with it?

joyce said...

i LOVE our city mini!!! but rhys, not so much. hahaha...i don't think he likes being in a stroller period. i love all the great features, but my only gripe is the back support is too soft, so after a few minutes, rhys is totally slouching and his chin is hitting his chest. :( so i've put a huge book in the pocket and that helps with the slouch, but doesn't help the lightweightness!! oh well, i still love baby jogger, and if we could afford it, would get their new city select...it's soooo cool, like the transformer of strollers! hahaha...

alice, you wouldn't believe how much strollers cost! the city mini isn't a jogging stroller, but i've taken it on dirt paths before without any troubles.

slam said...

we took it out for a 'spin' tonight and aaron seemed to enjoy it!
joyce, you're right on the back support...it's completely opposite from the cameleon. we'll see how it goes but thanks for the tip.

alice, it's unbelievable how everything is so much more fancier than when we grew up. these kids are so spoiled nowadays!