first haircut (kind of)...

aj's hair was getting quite long and out of control. the long hair was not a good look for him; poor kid looked like a total fob. aj's stylist aka daddy gave him his 1st buzzcut! we didn't take a before and after when s cut his hair but you can tell w/ these pictures.

before =(
after =)


alice said...

you no like hong kong super star look? =D

aj is such a stylish kid! Matt said he's such a cool kid... especially with his Indiana Jones t-shirt.

joyce said...

i love AJ's buzz cut! when we first buzzed R's hair, i got kinda sad, cuz i loved his long floppy hair! but now when i look at his pics from 12 months, i miss his buzz cut. hmm...it's time for a haircut soon, maybe we'll put out the clippers, cuz i can't justify paying $20+ for a 16 months old's haircut!!

Anonymous said...

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