everyone has an opinion...

it's interesting how once you are pregnant / have a child...advice and opinions come out of the woodworks! everyone has a point of view about parenting tips ... from feeding to sleeping to discipline. don't get me wrong...i'm open to listening to what people have to say but that's it. i personally don't do any research so i need to know what other people have read...hahaa. i like to be informed because there are tons of information out there but i don't necessarily like to be told that their way of doing something is the only way.

i've also learned that one can not judge another parent at all. i used to think, "oh i would never do this or that w/ my child" but oh, how i've learned. being a parent...you will learn that everyone and everything is different and you do what's best for your child and the situation. for example, i used to hear about kids who slept w/ their parents, how it became this bad habit and how it so tough to retrain your child. for the 1st 9 months, aj was the perfect sleeper. he fell asleep on his own and slept through the night in his own crib. i thought, yes, i'm not one of "those" parents. then at the 10 month mark, he started developing awful sleep routines and started waking up in the middle of the night. both s and i were too tired to soothe him in his room and we didn't want him to cry it out. so, what did we do? he started sleeping w/ us in our bed. it's come to the point now that when it's time for bed, he takes one of our hands and leads us straight to our bed hahaa. it's so cute!

who knows how much longer we'll let him sleep with us or when we'll try to "retrain" him but you know what? we all get a good night of sleep so i'm not complaining. well, okay, so he kicks quite a bit at night and is a bed hog, but i stay in bed all night. =)

my colleague says the opinions get worse as he gets older because then it's about schools or sports or extracurricular activities...great. that and opinions about difference in years between kids and why i'm not pregnant w/ our second child yet. and how many kids to have...it's just never-ending.

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joyce said...

ack, i totally agree!!! i was the same, "i will never do THAT with our kids." hahaha...but i quickly learned that everyone's situation is different, and i don't live in your house so i don't really know what you're up against!! so i say, if it works for you, go for it!! who cares what other ppl think!!