6 months old...

where does the time go? i've been back at work for about a month and a half and i just can't believe aj is 6 months old now! talking about my transition back to work is another entry in itself so i'm going to stick with writing about aj for now!

it's amazing how much has changed in the last 2 months! aj's personality and physical development just keeps evolving and i'm always surprised at how he's changed on a daily / weekly basis.

his physical developments:

rolling over - about 2 weeks ago, he made his first roll at my parent's house (tummy to back)! he rolled for his po-po in the afternoon and showed me his new trick when i went to pick him up in the evening. when we got home, he was too shy to show dad but was more than happy to exhibit his new trick to dad the next day! it took another week or so before he was able to roll from his tummy to back. he is rarely on his back now because he wants to roll over right away. however, it's like he forgot how to roll from his tummy to back because it doesn't happen too often.

sitting up - not so advanced. hahaa. when we try to get him to sit up, he goes straight for his toes and just lands head first on the couch! he is great with the bumbo but tends to slouch quite a bit in his booster seat.

standing up - he loves to bounce! if you hold him up or put him in his saucer, he is a jumping machine.

crawling - ummm not even close! however, when he's on his tummy, he loves to squirm his way around and stick his butt up in the air! that's really it though =)

to my other "favorite" topics: eat, sleep, drink...

eat - we started aj on solids about 2 weeks ago. at first it was just rice cereal but it made him constipated so i moved onto veggies, starting with green beans. he loves them! i started with 2 1-ounce servings a day. however, the doctor said i can probably increase it to 2 2-ounce servings a day. next we moved onto sweet potatoes. umm..can we say pooping machine! one day, he pooped 4 times! and then the poop was exactly the sweet potatoes! it was as if he didn't digest or process any of it and it just went straight to his diapers. so now we are banning sweet potatoes for awhile. i'm back to green beans and we will try apples and avocadoes this week. =)

sleep - oh, so inconsistent (but i guess that's not new and what everyone tells you)! for the last 2 weeks, he would wake up every morning at 4 or 5am!! it got better for a few days but usually he'll wake up once. recently because he can roll over, he's been rolling onto his tummy. however, he doesn't remember how to roll back to his back and then starts crying. last night, he woke up at 3am...i went to roll him back onto his back and guess what? he peed through his diaper and all over his clothes and bed! poor baby! =(

drink - even with the 4 ounces of solids, he's still drinking the same amount of milk. dr. m said we can start decreasing as he takes more solids but so far he still wants all the milk! i haven't been as diligent with pumping at work. i just get so easily distracted and caught up in my work. my supply has definitely decreased. i actually can't meet his supply on a daily basis now. i've had to use my reserves just to give him enough milk. i don't really have much reserve left so looks like we'll be adding formula soon.

so when we went his 6 month check up, these were the original stats: 16 lbs (25%) , 26 inches long and 17 inches in head circumference. when dr. m saw the stats, he was alarmed and said he wanted to remeasure because he wasn't happy with the results. when i got home, i can see why. the original stats had him only gaining 1/4 inch in his head, 1/4 inch in height and 1lb 8 ounces in weight! shhh, i would be alarmed as well!!! i felt so guilty that i was not giving him enough milk!! so dr. m remeasured and his height was 26.5 inches which keeps him in the 75th percentile. his weight did drop off a little as he was in the 50th percentile previously. but dr. m wasn't too worried. it was just so hard because he was spitting up milk so i thought he was full and gave him slightly less milk every feeding. however, everytime he was done with his bottle, he would cry. i just thought he wanted to suck on something but i guess maybe he really was still hungry.

what is daddy putting in my mouth?

yumm...i like sweet potatoes (too bad mommy and daddy don't)!

oh, i think i like green beans!

going for a walk to farmer's market

i like gymboree outfit!

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joyce said...

isn't feeding solids (and pooping) a whole 'nother world?! hahaha...yeah, i feel you on the sweet potato poops!!!

R was the same with sitting up, and then it was like a light switch turned on and he just sat up by himself! and R also loves jumping too...so funny, but tiring on the arms!

you know, R was spitting up a lot when i was feeding him 5.5 oz every 3 hrs. but when i changed it to 7 oz every 4 hrs (like his ped suggested) he stopped spitting up. i figured i was feeding too much before he had a chance to digest. sorry to hear your supply is diminishing...formula sucks.

i love the pictures!!! he's getting so big, isn't it amazing how fast they grow??? i really wish i could've seen you guys while we were out there. :( we'll just have to wait til september. mark your calendar!! :)