why no one ever told me...

these things happen after you have a baby...

1) you get so happy that you don't have your period while your pregnant but it's more than made up for when you have it for the six weeks following delivery.

2) breastfeeding is (so far) THE hardest part of pregnancy/delivery/motherhood

3) how much hair you lose!! oh my gosh, the amount of hair that i have to clean in the bathroom is insane! sure i know i barely lost any during pregnancy but seriously, my hair sheds everywhere!!!

4) what pressure/tension it puts on a relationship. gosh, there is just so much more to discuss/argue, one better have a rock SOLID relationship before they have a baby! at least s and i can laugh at how "bossy" i am (personally, i think any new mother is bossy to the hubby).

5) there is just this indescribable overflowing of love for your baby =)

these are the things that people say but i didn't really believe but now i've jumped on the bandwagon:

1) you really do forgot about any pregnancy or delivery issues. there is just so much more to deal with in motherhood that pregnancy and/or delivery issues are a walk in the park.

2) you do forget things! and become more absent minded. the whole baby brain thing is SO true.

3) priorities do change...my work attitude is totally different. however, i do have to say i enjoy going back to work. i don't enjoy leaving my son but when i'm at work, i'm in a zone and it feels good.

4) you can't help but talk about your child all the time. they take up soo much of your life and time.

5) everyone is a critic. everyone, even strangers, tell you what you should or shouldn't do in raising your child.


joyce said...

ditto!!!! :)

i agree that having a kid really tests the strength of your marriage. but it makes the strong ones even stronger!! i really don't know what i'd do without W!

the hair loss does slow down, at least it has for me. it was pretty scary pulling handfuls of hair out in the shower tho!

Jeanne said...

If there is one thing I avoid, it's expressing my opinion on how a child is being raised. I think that is THE most sensitive touch point for all parents, especially when parents think that they are right. You don't know how it is being in the other parents shoes. I only express what has worked for me and offer suggestions. =)

I also learned that having a kid really tests your patience!

joyce said...

oh, jeanne i totally agree about the patience thing. funny tho, i think i'm a lot more patient when it comes to R, but really impatient with everyone/everything else! lol...