boys will be boys...

so after the initial adoration that my nephew has for aj, it now has turned into bullying! my nephew sees how we play and touch aj and he loves him so wants to do the same. however, he doesn't realize how gentle we are versus how "strong" he is. don't get me wrong, my nephew still showers his cousin with kisses whenever he sees him but he also slaps, scratches and pulls at aj. =( and my poor defenseless kid just takes it all (for now). heehee

yip...pulling his ear

my nephew thinks he's big enough to carry aj =)

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joyce said...

jacob better watch out,just you wait til aaron gets a little bigger!!! :P

my friend's daughter is the same way with babies (i was a little nervous to bring R by their house) and she likes to smother babies with blankets and pillows! yikes!!