tried to sit up ...

so i'm working with aj to practice sitting up...here's our progress. =)

first on the bumbo: hmm...he's only fascinated with his right foot

let's switch to the left foot

good, good. sit next to your giants bear

and then quickly tumbled after a second...hehee.


joyce said...

rhys sat in his bumbo closer to 4 months, but now he gets bored of it fast and starts arching his back and wants out!!!

i love his little giants hoody, soooo cute!!

Jeanne said...

It seems like I know a lot of boys with purple bumbos, Max included =P Hand-me-down too?

slam said...

oh so perceptive. yes, it's a hand me down. poor aaron, everything is a hand me down. other than his bugaboo, we haven't bought anything for him. we are very fiscally lucky. =)