to vacation or not?

s' office is shut down for 2 weeks during the week of christmas and new year's. rarely do we have 2 weeks off so i REALLY want to take advantage of this and travel somewhere. however, we don't know whether to take aj with us or not. and if we do or don't, we don't know where to go. normally, the easy answer is vegas but that would definitely be a aj-less trip and i'm not sure if i'm ready to do that. it is very tempting - i haven't been to vegas in 3 years and it's so cheap now!!!!
help? any advice or suggestions are definitely welcomed!!


Jeanne said...

Go on two shorter trips. One with AJ and one without to vegas ;). Or bring a baby sitter with you to vegas. Did you know that some casinos have daycare? Sheesh.

joyce said...

i like jeanne's idea! you could go to SLO or even closer to like monterey or something, and take AJ with you!