20 lbs lighter...

but 15 more to go! =( i had my 6 week check up with my ob doc and everything is okay. i didn't really have a specific number of pounds that i was hoping to lose but i guess it's a step in the right direction that it was slightly more than half the pregnancy weight gain.

i also have what feels like this nasty bruise that i wanted to make sure was just a clogged duct and luckily it is. it's slowly getting better but still hurts quite a bit.

yesterday, i had what hopefully was my final appointment with the lactation consultant! although i'm not quite loving breast feeding, at least i'm not dreading it anymore. it still hurts as i have some painful letdowns but at least it's getting better!

aj hit the 6 week mark earlier this week and is now at 10 lbs 3 oz! he definitely is more engaging; looking and starting at people. he loves to stick his tongue out and pucker his lips (though, not at the same time). he LOVES to stretch - whenever we remove his swaddling blanket, is done feeding, or changing his diaper, he stretches out his arms and legs!

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joyce said...

ugh, i hate hate hate clogged ducts. i notice that i get them more often when i pump (another reason to hate pumping!!). and rhys is the same way with the strethcing, it's soooo cute!!