happy 4th!

hope everyone is having a great relaxing 4th of july. i went to a giants game with some family members. we didn't stay too long since my nephew was with us. although it was nice to be outdoors and at the giants game, i felt so claustrophic! i was just surrounded by people and felt so paranoid about being pushed and jabbed; especially around the belly. after the game, we had dinner at r&g lounge in the city for my grandmother's birthday. i do have to say, r&g lounge is definitely the best chinese restaurant in the city (though it is pricey).

the c family

my crazy boys

i love this pic of my newphew - it's just such an innocent picture

my sis and i with our cutie

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joyce said...

look at your cute little belly!!! :)

hope you had a nice 3-day weekend, away from work!!