s and i had our 19 week ultrasound appointment yesterday. after making sure the baby was healthy and measuring all the important organs and body parts, the technician told us we are having a boy! s, of course, had to ask if that she was 100% sure and then she pointed out his lovely body part.

as we watched the technician check other things, our baby kept us entertained. our baby waved "hi" to us and at a different time gave us a knuckle sandwich. the 3-d picture wasn't very successful because baby was not very cooperative. he had his hand in front of his mouth / nose the entire time. i guess he was a bit camera shy =)

i'm going to treat myself this weekend for surviving the 1st half of my pregnancy...i'm going to bliss spa to get the maternity massage! =) then i think i'll indulge some more and go to coffee bean to get my favorite drink, an english breakfast latte! yummie.

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