20 weeks later...half way there!

i can't believe i'm in my 20th week. s and i went to our doctor's appointment today and i gained another 6 pounds. oops...at least i'm consistent right? hahaa. the baby was very active today just as he was last week at our ultrasound appointment. he was kicking his little heart out. =)

s and i bought the bedding for our nursery this past weekend so we can find the right paint color! of course it's not as easy as it sounds. we are currently living in what will be the nursery. we moved out of our bedroom into the spare bedroom to remodel our bathroon / bedroom. s finally finished the bathroom last week (ummm - 6 months past the original date)! now he has to repaint our bedroom and replace all the trim and then have someone come to put in some new carpet. then once we move back into our bedroom, we can start on the nursery!


grant said...

sounds like a lot of work. let us know if you need *any* help. we'd be more than happy to help out.

joyce said...

haha, sounds familiar (the lins remodeling their house just before baby was born!). :) this is like a whole new level of nesting!