the BIG 3-0

unlike most people, i really embraced the arrival of my 30th birthday. i feel like i'm growing and learning so much and as i get older; i am so much more confident about who i am and what i want out of life.

s and i went to tahoe this past weekend with my family to celebrate my birthday. we rented a cabin since we had my nephew with us. since my entire family LOVES to gamble, we just basically did that the entire weekend. of course, we took shifts to watch my nephew. well, my sister and her husband took shifts with my parents, i didn't really volunteer. =)

my biggest concern about being on the gambling floor was the smoking. however, there really wasn't a lot of smokers in tahoe. i think i only walked away from the tables twice when someone started smoking.so overall, it was not an issue although i'm sure the other gamblers were looking at me like i was a sicko who can't even stay away from gambling for 9 months. so baby has been to the casinos twice. the 1st time was when we were in memphis (didn't realize I was going to be pregnant that soon) and now tahoe. the dealers were making fun of me saying that this child will grow up to be gambler. well, what can i say, can't really discourage that since i'm basically one myself!


Jeanne said...

Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Max also spent some time in the casinos while in the womb. I played poker with him once and he would kick me when I asked if I should go all in. I think gambling is just in the blood.

joyce said...

lol...maybe he will be a gambler, then you guys can go to the casinos together (well, i guess you have a long ways to go before that happens!). i think it's rude that ppl were lighting up with you at the table!

i didn't mind turning 30, but it's 31 that sounds way old to me! lol...