writer's strike sucks...

oh my - i guess this is a wake up call for how addicted i am to the television. it's like a long summer season of reruns! i can't handle all these reality shows and reruns. the good thing is that i'm actually getting decent sleep at night since there is nothing to stay up for to watch. haahaa i normally get 7 hours but now it's more like 8 hours!
so reality shows are all i seem to watch now...

america gladiators - i loved the original series; this one is just okay
biggest loser - like it - it's very inspiring
real housewives of orange county - unbelievably annoying women but entertaining; series finale is this week
amazing race - i was rooting for ron and christine
dance wars - it's like amateur night; rejects from american idol and so you think you can dance - normally, would not watch this reality show

cashmere mafia is the only new mid season show i'm watching. would i really watch it if there was no writer's strike? dunno but it is nice to see successful women trying to balance their professional and personal life even if it is a bit over the top.


joyce said...

i was rooting for the goth couple, cuz ron annoyed me to no end. but then when he turned his attitude around, i started hoping they'd win. i just REALLY didn't want nate and jen to win...it was so annoying how they kept calling taipei "tuh-PIE." idiots!

grant said...

dang it. asians are supposed to be good at puzzles.

Jeanne said...

She spoke Japanese and Mandarin and it didn't ending helping them?! Unbelievable!

I'm completely addicted to real housewives. It is quite entertaining, but I'm not going to watch the Manhattan series in fear of getting hooked again.