happy new year!

wow...i can't believe we are already in 2007. the time has just flown by so fast - especially the recent holidays.

there is so much to look forward to in the new year - here are a couple of things that i can't wait for:

1) the house. there is just so much to do and so little time. we are starting our first major project next month or rather my husband is. s will be remodeling the bathroom next month. we have ordered all the cabinets and hardware and the only remaining material is the shower tile. this will be an interesting project.

2) traveling. there are definitely some trips that i'd like to make this year. i'm going to la in march to visit j and e and their new little boy, e. my dear j and w have been in colorado for a year now and i want to definitely try to visit them out in denver. there is a wedding in hawaii that i'm definitely looking forward to in may. since some of my great colleagues from br japan are still in tokyo, s and i might try to squeeze in a trip to asia. of course, i have to make my annual trip to nyc to hang out with m, s and little a.

3) friends and families. i've had many wonderful friends have babies. i can't wait to see them grow up, spend time with them and spoil them. i also look forward to hearing the many wonderful announcements from my friends who will be expecting this year. =)

4) work. hmmm...this is an interesting one. i just want to have the feelings at gymboree that i had at gap. i'll leave it at that. =)

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joyce said...

yes, you should definitely come visit us. but wait til all this crazy snow stops!!!

and i just read an article in sfgate that gap is not doing so well these days... i hope you find those feelings somehow at gymboree, or wherever. :)