powerless thanksgiving

so when we told my father in law that we bought a house, he volunteered us to host thanksgiving! reluctant at first, s and i agreed that it would be a good opportunity to bring both families together and for s family to see our new home.
we had completed all our thanskgiving shopping the weekend before and made a schedule for thanksgiving day; ensuring we had enough time to make everything. s got up at 6am on thanksgiving to brine the turkey. everything was going as scheduled until our power went out!! one of our fuses blew out and our power was gone for rest of the evening! of all days for the fuse to blow out, it had to be the day we had 12 people coming over! unbelievable. luckily we had most things cooked and improvised where necessary.

let's just say it was an unforgettable evening of eating our intimate thanksgiving dinner by candlelight.

s first turkey

usually the day after thanksgiving, s and i will go buy our christmas tree. this year we went on saturday instead. his name is rocky because he totally whacked me in the face when steve was putting him in the car.

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