santorini - breath taking views

when we were planning our travels to the greek isles, we took a risk by not booking any accommodations. yes, so not my personality huh? many of our friends had mentioned that once you arrive at the port, there are tons of solicitors of small hotels at incredible prices (e.g. 15-30 euros per person!!). it sounds shady but everyone said it was completely legit. since we were still traveling before peak season, we decided that we were going to take the chance and go with one of these hotels.

in santorini, we decided to stay at the northern tip of the island, oia, known for their amazing sunsets. it's not near downtown, so definitely less crowded and more peaceful. tip - if you want to go to the beach, don't stay in oia. since you are virtually at the end of the cliff, there are no beaches!! if you want to lay out, your only option is your hotel pool.

on an unfortunate note, while in budapest, i got a couple of mosquito bites. well, one mosquito bite got infected (how does that happen?) and swelled my entire lower leg!! i looked like i had no ankles! i had to take antibiotics - which meant no alcohol for me. =(

view of oia - isn't it just gorgeous?

s and me over the cliff

one of their typical famous blue domed churches

amazing blue waters along the red rock cliff - see no beach. what's funny is that they claim that there is a beach - to the left of the yellow dock and right of the red boat! that is not a beach and there were jelly fishes everywhere!

different view of white houses with windmill

watching the sunset - at 8:30pm!!

love this shot - looks a bit mystic with the sailboat huh?

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING PICTURES!! I've always wanted to go to Greece.