athens - acropolis and hot!!

we flew from budapest into athens. we only had one afternoon in athens as we were taking an overnight boat to santorini. all our friends said one afternoon is more than enough time to walk around the acropolis. oh my gosh, it was sooo hot that day. it must have been in the 80°'s and i was wearing jeans and a long sleeve woven shirt! not a wise decision on my part obviously. it's amazing the structures that still stands in the acropolis after thousands of years!

one view of the acropolis

the erechtheion

theathre of herodes atticus - they actually have concerts here still.

p, j, s and me in front of the parthenon

evening view of the acropolis - just so historic!

our boat to santorini - crossing my fingers that i don't get motion sickness

p and j sleeping

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