prague - amazing architecture and best beer ever

once we landed in prague, we checked into our hotel and met up with j's friends - p, j and k. we had our very first authentic czech dinner - goulash and potatoes! boy, was it heavy. the beer was amazing and so cheap! about $3 for a liter!

the highlight of prague would have to be the architecture. the castles and churches are just breath taking. prague castle, the world's largest ancient castle, is amazing and you can seriously spend the entire day walking the grounds.

j and me at the royal garden in prague castle

st. vitus cathedral at prague castle

view of vtlava river from the tower at st. vitus - climbing 297 steps!

dancing building

charles bridge over the vltava river

old town square - reminds me of st. marks square in venice (minus the pigeons!)

astronomical tower in old town square

j and s drinking liter pilsners (THE beer of prague)

petrin tower - prague's version of the eiffel tower - 299 steps to the top!

s in a mirror maze by petrin tower

s at the national prague museum

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