let the amazing race begin!

i feel inspired to start a journal now since i've spent the last couple of weeks out of the country traveling. plus, not working is a bonus! =) i think back to my first trip to europe and realized that i don't really remember too much, so i want to make sure that i have a reference for all the wonderful memories and sites that i've been too. so, as this is my first attempt to start a blog, let's see how long i can keep it up!

so s and i planned a vacation to eastern europe with my sister and her husband, j&j. j actually has some friends on vacation in europe and they will be traveling from amsterdam to meet us in prague. we plan to spend the first couple of days in prague, take an overnight train to budapest for several days, then fly into athens to take a boat to the greek islands of santorini and mykonos. the first half of the trip should be pretty active as there are so many museums, churches and castles to see. the latter half should be extremely relaxing since i plan to do absolutely nothing but sit on the beach or by the pool in the greek isles.


Militante said...

suzanna, I love the pictures, comments and sentiments throughout your amazing journey. Life is good! Enjoy the moments --- all of them. K

Masuda said...

OMG!! this is so great! I'm so jealous! i can stare at your pictures all day. Thanks for sharing! (btw...i'm a huge amazing race fan! - friends of ours met the 'hippies' in a japanese restaurant in SF.)
- mm