kids say the darnest things...

aj has definitely been more vocal and some of the things he says...s and i have no idea where it comes from!

1 - it started to rain and of course, drivers feel the need to slow down or brake. so as the cars in front of me brakes, i had to brake abruptly. aj says, "be careful mommy"

2 - i needed to speed up to pass a truck to get on the on-ramp. as i'm accelerating aj says, "slow down mommy."

3 - my son likes to play w/ my lip balm; he just finished putting some on his lips.

aj: "you want some daddy?"

s: "no thanks."

aj: "try it!"

of course s has to right? we always encourage aj to try different things.

4 - we created this bad habit of having someone sleep w/ aj at night. s was kissing me good night; aj says, "kiss me daddy!"

5 - aj loves to ask "what are you doing?"
aj: "what are you doing daddy"

s: "picking my nose" (because he really was at that moment)

aj: "oh, i pick my nose," and then takes his finger and shoves it up his nose. turns to me, "mommy, pick your nose."


joyce said...

lol...what an equal opportunity kid he is! :)

Anonymous said...

Matt and I couldn't stop laughing while reading your post. AJ is one funny and observant kid.

zzccff said...

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