bye bye birdie...

i usually carpool home w/ the hubby. we like to pick up aj (and my nephew) together. sometimes if i need to wrap up some emails, i'll have s drive while i work through the emails on my phone. after we pick up our son and nephew, s gets on the freeway.

after maybe 1/2 a mile, i hear s say, "shoot".
i was looking down at my phone and had no idea what happened but did hear a "thump".
i said, "what did you do?"
s says, "i hit a bird. it was already injured; laying down. i couldn't swerve since there were cars on both sides."

we didn't think much of it until five minutes later we heard another "thump". when we got home, this is what had happened.

the bird completely knocked out my grill and broke my fog light! oh, the black scraps were from an accident several years ago...oops. luckily s has already replaced the grill and fixed the bulb.


joyce said...

one time on my way back to SLO i hit a cat or raccoon or something (on the freeway) and it not only broke my light, it broke the METAL piece that held up my blinker!! and cracked my bumper. i was so irritated at that suicidal animal!

zzccff said...

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qifei2012 said...

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