so a couple of years ago, my friend started working for a company called gilt group. back then, no one had even heard of gilt. he was one of the 1st few employees and introduced me to the company as an online sample sale. he "invited" me to be a member and i was instantly hooked! they carried some amazing designers at huge discount prices. every morning at 9am PST, they would introduce new brands to the sale. people were obsessed...all the good stuff was already sold out in the 1st ten minutes!! it works perfectly for people in the east coast because it's during their lunch but is sucky for us since it's usually when most of us are already at work!

now, this site along w/ many copycats and deal sites are all the rage. there seems to be an endless no. of new sites popping up offering the latest deals! so these are a couple of my favorites...please let me know if anyone has other sites that they love!

daily deals...
groupon - use this most often
living social - most famous for their amazon gift card the other week (amazon invested millions into this company)
social buy - haven't gotten anything recently; definitely hit or miss on the deals
townhog - use this the least; usually just look at the deal in the subject title

gilt groupe - love this site but the best looking things are usually sold out in the 1st 10 minutes! they originally started w/ only women's clothes but now has quite a selection of men's, home and children. i've also started receiving their weekly giltcity and they have some good deals there as well
luckymag - from lucky magazine. very focused...usually has a specific item that is highly discounted for 1-2 days
swirl - from daily candy. some popular brands but nothing i've found to be an amazing deal
one kings lane - similar to gilt group but completely focused on products for the home. i also love that they are based in san francisco =)

happy shopping!!


joyce said...

i also like zulily and totsy for baby/kid stuff deals! hubby's work does a corparate perks program and we've gotten sooooo much stuff for half price, including my ipad and lots of gift cards, and hoping to get my BOB duallie soon! ;). i don't know how companies make money doing things like this!

alice said...

I HATE HATE Social Buy! I bought 5 mani/pedi coupons last year hoping to use it in Sept before my wedding and found out that the mani/pedi business went out of business. I've been calling Social Buy every month hoping for my refund but still have yet to receive it. Every time I call them I get so upset after b/c I know they will never give me my refund. Always telling me the same thing... "Accounting is backed up... We'll have your refund processed in the next couple of days." Groupon would never do this!

zzccff said...

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