my sister and i planned a trip to san diego to take the boys to legoland and the san diego zoo. we also wanted to take aj on another free plane ride before he turned 2!
well, the free before he turns 2 didn't exactly turn out as i thought. because we didn't have any proof of aj's birth (and because he looks big), the airline made us pay for his flight! ugh...so not only did i have to pay for his flight, our flight got delayed and we didn't get into san diego until 9pm which meant the boys didn't even get to bed until 10pm.
the next morning, we spent the day at legoland. s and i haven't been there since we were in college and boy is it different! also, because it was the end of september, they already had all their halloween decorations out so that was nice.
aj really enjoyed legoland. however, he was still too scared to ride on most rides. the only rides he would get on are trains and then he slowly warmed up to other rides. in the duplo area, he rode the train like 3-4 times!

aj loves his cousin!

isn't j soo adorable?!!?

j and s rode several rise

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