aj turns 2

i can't even believe next week will be november! i'm even in more disbelief that my son turned 2!! he is just growing up too fast and time is just flying by!!

we had our trip to the pediatrician last week and he's progressing along just as expected.
weight: 31.6 lbs (75-90% percentile)
height: 36 inches (75-90% percentile)

he has so much personality, it's just insane! the things that comes out of his mouth is just surprising at times. unfortunately, his favorite words are: mine and no. he is starting to string some words together but at times it's tough to understand him because he mixes his english w/ his chinese.

he's still so shy. s and i are definitely starting to do some research on preschools. we are ideally looking for an immersion / bilingual daycare (more of my preference than s'). however, we are struggling a bit w/ the location. there are pros and cons to finding one near our house but also can work w/ one in the city. in any case, it will be good for him to have more of a routine and to interact w/ other toddlers.

potty training - we definitely feel like he's ready. he has been telling my mom whenever he pees or poops but usually it's after he's already done it!! there are still so many convenient reasons to keep him in diapers but we do think he's ready so we'll start soon. that will also help because some schools require toddlers to be potty trained.

sleeping - no progress there. he's still sleeping w/ us!!

i love this picture but seriously...his head is as big as mine already!!


joyce said...

i completely agree with you on the PTing...i know i need to do it before he loses interest, but man, sometimes it's really handy having him in diapers and not having to run around looking for a bathroom. especially now with another baby!!

btw, i love the picture!!!

zzccff said...

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