father's day brunch

my sister and i took our hubbies to brunch at epic roasthouse. after brunch, we walked along the embarcadero and shopped in the ferry building. we couldn't spend too much time in the city as s and i were hosting my family at our place for dinner.

aj's delicous strawberry ricotta pancakes

dungeness crab cake benedict

steak fries w/ roasted garlic

this is the complimentary bread!

almond polenta waffle

mac and cheese


alice said...

how did you like epic? i didn't even know they had brunch.

slam said...

i didn't know they served brunch either...they were rated as a top 10 brunch from a website that i was browsing through. it was good in the sense of above average taste and to try something different but i wouldn't go back. i'd just rather try new restaurants.